Thursday 31 March 2016

Frequently Asked Questions (2)

Why aren’t all my supplier self-audits on
IT’s a good question – if only we knew…  For us it’s easy to see that one online self-audit is so much easier than many, many paper-based audits.  Not just because it takes a long time to complete the paper based forms, but also because the paper form can be out of date almost as soon as it's emailed, posted or faxed.  Many people don't like change and it may take a while before people see the clear benefits of the AvSMART solution. 

Advising your suppliers that you’re using the system and want to see them listed would pro-actively help to increase the numbers, especially if ALL buyers using the site advise ALL their suppliers.  And we’ve made this easy for you.  Login to MyAVSMART, click on “New Supplier Request” and either enter your suppliers individually or via populating the downloadable spreadsheet.  They will receive an email asking them to give their consideration.  Find more on this subject in our “New Supplier Request” blog.

Spreading the word about AvSMART is the easiest way to see more of your suppliers on the system.  Meanwhile we are contacting the suppliers of our major airlines and MRO’s to explain the benefits of the on-line service.

How can I stop buyers sending me paper audits?
The “Alert my Buyers” tab within MyAvSMART enables suppliers to notify their customers that their self-audit is on-line and available for view, evaluation and selection for approved supplier lists.  There is more on this in our blog “Use Alert my Buyers and Forget Paper Forms”. You may come across buyers who insist upon their own audit being completed.  This may be due to questions they consider mandatory being missing from the on-line audit.  If this is the case, please advise us and we will contact the buyer as we can insert additional questions as required.  The beauty of just one, on-line self-audit is that answering a few more questions is infinitely preferable to completing many paper audits.

What is MyAvSMART?
This is where you will find your dashboard, Here suppliers can let buyers know they can find their self-audit on-line, buyers can request suppliers to register, you can add company users so that all your company users view the same approved supplier list.  You can also modify your account (change password or remove your account). You can download your supplier list as a .XLS, .XLSX,  .CSV or .PDF file.

How do I share my approved supplier list with colleagues?

Once you have created a MyAvSMART approved supplier list, you can give view only access to anyone within your company.  View only means your colleagues can’t add or remove suppliers, and must contact you as the main user to request this.  It also means everyone is looking at the same list.  Whilst logged in to MyAvSMART, click on the “Manage my company users” tab from the dashboard.  Then you can start adding as many users as required.   You can also delete users in the same area, should they no longer require access or leave their role.

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