Thursday 7 April 2016

Sharing your List with Company Colleagues

Excellent - you've made the decision to use to evaluate, select and monitor your company suppliers and to ease the desktop audit burden. 

Now you need to ensure colleagues requiring access view the same information, and don't create their own, potentially conflicting, list.  

To do so use the "Manage my Company Users" tab when logged in.  Simply add the names and email addresses of as many users as you wish to access the information, and they will be sent a welcome email with login and password information. 

They will have "View only" access and will need to ask you, the originator ("super user", or "administrator"), if they wish to add or remove a supplier.  

You can send them a password reset, should they forget, and remove users should they leave the company, or no longer require access. AvSMART.... smart thinking for smarter working.

"Manage my Company Users"

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