Wednesday 27 February 2019

AvSMART Total - Your total supplier list automated

We've visited and consulted many airlines and MRO's and they love the AvSMART concept: All their suppliers' self-audits and approvals on-line, and automatic alerts whenever updates are made.  With only one reservation.... "Not all of our suppliers are using the system".

We've listened and created "AvSMART Total", your complete, "by invitation" approved supplier list on-line. 

Wouldn't you love to know the moment a supplier's status, approvals or quality procedures change?  How efficient would it be to move your self-audits on-line?  And to demonstrate to internal and external auditors you have the best procedures in place for ensuring compliance?  Take a look at today or contact us to ask about AvSMART Total.

AvSMART Total. Problem solved.

Aviation Supplier Monitoring and Approvals in Real Time