Monday 29 May 2017

Shoot for the Moon at Trade Shows!

Photo Credit: Mark Boardman, AvSMART's good friend and
 aviation photographer extraordinaire!

You've invested your money, your stand looks fantastic, you have your literature, business cards, intellect and charm at the ready. We hope you do amazingly well, make new contacts, and sell, sell, sell!
We want to make sure your contacts and prospects can buy from you with confidence and without delay.

Having your on-line self-audit registered at means never having to complete another paper audit form. Simply direct your customers to and they can relax knowing, not only can they access your up-to-date information immediately, they will be informed automatically whenever you make updates.

Registering and completing your self-audit is easy, time and cost saving and demonstrates compliance.  We are so confident you will love the system, we'd love you to trial it for free.  
So register today, receive 3 months completely free of charge and shoot for the moon!

Wednesday 24 May 2017

What's so SMART, AvSMART?

Update anytime, anywhere from any device
Did you know that the "SMART" part of our name is an acronym - Supplier Monitoring and Approvals in Real-Time? We offer the unique ability to keep a track of your supplier self-audits, or to keep your customers informed, as changes happen.

Why's that so great? The traditional way of obtaining or providing  supplier quality information is via paper forms. Thousands of these forms are sent or emailed around the world each year and, as well as the monotonous, repetitive nature of sending / completing virtually the same form over and again, the big problem is that they can be out of date the moment they are returned.

Keeping abreast of changes is a huge task for both buyer and supplier, and often changes aren't notified or discovered until the next round of self-audits, up to two years later.  

In an ideal world, physical audits are carried out on every supplier, but this process takes time and is rolled out over a number of years.  With AvSMART, changes and updates are automatically communicated, which can help with scheduling and prioritising audit visits.

Using AvSMART means, as a supplier, you can update anytime, anywhere in the world with an internet connection, using your phone, tablet, laptop or P.C. As a buyer, having suppliers selected for your MyAvSMART approved supplier list means you will be notified via email when these changes happen.

And that's what's so SMART.

Create your free of charge "MyAvSMART" approved supplier list today or register your self-audit - and enjoy 3 months completely free.

Thursday 18 May 2017

Great New Look, Same SMART Service

May 2017: AvSMART launches our new website with a totally fresh look and simple navigation.  The home page clearly shows the system is for both buyers and suppliers within the aviation community, click either section for more information.
All subscribers will receive 3 months absolutely free of charge, allowing plenty of time to trial the system and discover the many benefits.

As always, creating your preferred supplier list, selecting any listed suppliers, and receiving all updates to their self-audit is completely free.  

As if this weren't enough, we have created a referral scheme, rewarding our supporters with £75 for successfully registered companies with whom they have shared the many benefits of membership.

There will be more about these subjects in upcoming blogs so please stay tuned!