Thursday 24 March 2016

Frequently Asked Questions (1)

How do I update my self-audit?
When you created your self-audit you were sent a password.  From the home page click on “Your self-audit”, enter your login (email address) and password, click on “My Self-audit”, and then click through and work your way through the pages making any necessary changes.  If you’ve forgotten your password you can use “Forgot my Password” to be sent a replacement.  N.B., only the AvSMART administrator for your company can make updates.  If you are unsure who this is, please contact

Why are some suppliers red flagged on the system?
When a supplier self-audit goes beyond a year since last updates were made, the audit shows a red plus sign.  This is to make users aware that there may be some outdated information on the audit and to check the last updated date fits with their company procedures.  Suppliers receive 3 system emails prior to red flagging to ask that updates be made.  Buyers can also send a request for updates via the system, simply by logging in and clicking the envelope icon next to any overdue audit, and we encourage all our buyers to do this to keep as many suppliers as possible green flagged (current).

How often should I update?
Any time your company has changes that affect the information on your self-audit you should make updates.  We ask that you update at least annually, if there have been no changes you can just check and re-submit the form.  You will be sent reminders 4 weeks, 2 weeks and 1 day prior to the renewal date. 

I have my self-audit and approvals on my company site.  What is the benefit?
Depending how efficient your processes and I.T. team are in submitting and publishing changes, any updates may suffer a short (or long) delay before they show on your company site.  You are also relying on busy buyers to check numerous websites and search out changes.  Using means changes can be made at any time from anywhere, simply by logging into your account.   These are instantly visible and are communicated by email to any buyer who has your company selected, via MyAvSMART, for their approved supplier list.  Moreover, we proactively remind you when your certificates are about to expire, and when your audit becomes due for renewal.

What is the Smartlink and how does it help my business?
ILSmart is the world’s largest and most active aviation marketplace.  A buyer finding spare part availability or repair capability from a new supplier will need to add them to their approved supplier list before purchasing.  In time critical or AOG situations, without self-audit and approval information, the buyer may have to look elsewhere.  Having the link from ILS direct to your self-audit and approval information within AvSMART means your company can receive instant approval, be added to approved supplier lists, and start business immediately.

When first completing your self-audit, or when making updates, you will see the question “Would like the ILS Turbolink?” Click “Yes” and enter your unique ILS I.D. and we will do the rest. You will see the AvSMART logo appear in the "Self-audit" column on the part search landing page, next to your inventory or capability.  Clicking this takes the buyer directly to your self-audit information at 

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