Tuesday 31 May 2016

AvSMART: Create business and reduce technical delays.

Here's a compelling story from one of our airline users: 

"We had an AOG at JFK - the aircraft was en route to Miami.  We located a supplier of the part we required in order to fly on very close to the airport. We hadn't previously purchased from this company so had no history.  It was night time and we couldn't get hold of anyone in the quality department to confirm the company approvals.  As a result the crew went out of hours, we had to sub-charter an aircraft at great expense and fly the passengers on to their destination.  If this supplier had shown their self-audit and approvals at AvSMART.aero, we could have installed the part and issued a permission to fly." 

Supplier registration would have benefitted both companies.  The supplier would have a new major airline as a customer and the airline would have avoided huge expense. 

Just one more reason to act smarter with AvSMART.

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