Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Use "Alert my Buyers" and forget paper forms

Our aim at AvSMART.aero is to entirely remove the paper self-audits you are asked to complete and to simply complete and maintain just one on-line self-audit.  So, if you're still receiving paper self-audits from your suppliers,  you will find the  "Alert my Buyers" feature within "MyAvSMART" really useful. 

To  let all your customers know where to find the latest self-audit and approval information for your company: 

  1. login by clicking on "MyAvSMART Login"
  2. select the "Alert my Buyers" tab
  3. enter your customer emails individually or download, populate and upload the spread sheet (to contact all of your customers at once)*
  4. an email will immediately be sent, advising the buying company exactly where to find your information.  
*The contact information you upload is not retained by the server and will not be used for any other purpose.

1 comment:

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