Monday 1 February 2016 and ILSmart, Smarter Together.

Those of you who are AvSMART advocates will already know that you can link your ILSmart inventory and capability to your self-audit and approvals at so this is just a quick update, or a bit of information for those who weren't aware.

ILSmart is the world's largest and most active aviation marketplace, it's where buyers find the best supplier for their often hard to find spares. With thousands of suppliers listing hundreds of thousands of spares, the likelihood is you'll find what you need listed on ILS. A delay in purchase can, however, arise when the supplier is unknown or new to the buyer, and therefore not on their approved supplier list. The paperwork involved to achieve approved status can delay a purchase, and even a flight. This is particularly problematic out of hours, in AOG or critical situations, when the Quality Manager at the supplying company isn't around to complete paper forms and provide the quality information necessary prior to purchase. As well as the possibility of grounding an aircraft, this may mean the loss of a sale before it has started. You can't account for this, it's an unknown loss of "nearly sales". ILSmart and AvSMART created the "Smartlink" taking you directly from the part search results page on ILS to the supplier's self audit in AvSMART. Now the buying company can confidently and instantly approve a new supplier. And that could be the start of a beautiful business relationship turning "nearly sales" into "really sales" :)

AvSMART with ILSmart..... Smarter together.

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