Monday 29 May 2017

Shoot for the Moon at Trade Shows!

Photo Credit: Mark Boardman, AvSMART's good friend and
 aviation photographer extraordinaire!

You've invested your money, your stand looks fantastic, you have your literature, business cards, intellect and charm at the ready. We hope you do amazingly well, make new contacts, and sell, sell, sell!
We want to make sure your contacts and prospects can buy from you with confidence and without delay.

Having your on-line self-audit registered at means never having to complete another paper audit form. Simply direct your customers to and they can relax knowing, not only can they access your up-to-date information immediately, they will be informed automatically whenever you make updates.

Registering and completing your self-audit is easy, time and cost saving and demonstrates compliance.  We are so confident you will love the system, we'd love you to trial it for free.  
So register today, receive 3 months completely free of charge and shoot for the moon!

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