Tuesday 19 January 2016

AvSMART.aero for Suppliers

Whether you're an OEM, MRO, supplier, vendor or distributor, you will be asked on a regular basis to complete supplier self-audits or vendor surveys.  Not only will you complete the same information for numerous buyers, you will be asked to repeat the same number of forms at least every 2 years, and you will need to notify all of your customers in between times, any time you make a change to anything on the form or whenever you gain new approvals.

In completing just one form, and uploading your approval certificates, at www.avsmart.aero you can sit back and relax, and using the "Alert my buyers" tab within MyAVSMART, you can tell all of your customers exactly where to find your self-audit and approvals.  They will be automatically notified whenever you make updates, so no need for you to waste any time conveying the information repeatedly to each buyer. An extra benefit is the ability to link your ILSmart inventory and capability directly to your AvSMART.aero self-audit, thereby satisfying prospective new customers that you have all the right approvals and quality procedures in place, with real potential of increasing sales.

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